We don’t just talk about real estate. Our purpose is to find projects that promise success. Whether it ends up being your project, our project or a shared project: Our experience and know-how in land investing, developing real estate and consulting on a personal level will help you go beyond you limits.

For over ten years we have been supporting our commercial and private clients. We help with project management and financial consultation from the beginning to the end and beyond a real estate project.

What we do is split up into three ways of thinking: the buyer’s, the investor’s and the seller’s view. We feel at home in all these rolls. And it is this feeling, we want our business partners to feel at the end of a project. That’s what satisfies us.




Who does not dream of their home sweet home? Be it a house or an apartment. Our job is to assist you in making the right decision. There is more to buying real estate than the perfect ground plan. What about the surroundings? Is the price per square meter reasonable? How will the district develop? These are only three of many questions, we would like to answer together with you.

What works best is to meet up and start at the beginning: your vision.




Many investors, private and commercial alike, have been trusting us for over ten years for a reason. Together we have successfully built or bought, developed and successfully sold real estate. We do not just make our clients feel like they are in safe hands, but actually make sure they are.

We say this proudly because of our deep insight into the financial and the real estate market. Of course, we cannot prove this here in writing. That is why we would like to invite you to talk to us – no strings attached. If nothing more, we can at least give you handy tips to what to look out for.




We view real estate from many different angles. Sometimes selling it right away is not the best plan. Maybe we would advise you to develop your object, rent it out and sell it much later. Or you could keep it to pass it on to your kids and grandchildren. In every project, we focus on combining your vision with reality. That is how we have been finding the best solutions for everybody involved.

Our experience tells us that is very important to talk about everything. Let us spin ideas together, go through all kinds of scenarios to find the right one in the end.